don’t you think it’s kind of funny that we have these characters with magical powers that go on incredible adventures and do amazing things and that’s really impressive but after a while we’re like “okay so what if they just owned a coffee shop. imagine them filing their taxes”

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the problem with finding a cure for autism is that in theory it will only be provided to those who want it

in practice it will be provided to anyone deemed “low functioning” even against their will, under the guise of “they want it but can’t communicate it”

i’m for a cure for those who actually think they’d be better off without autism, but most of the people who think they’d be better off without autism are allistics.

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open rp





sloth seductively lifts up his cloak to show off his sweet, sweet curves. he is wearing scarlet red 9-inch stiletto heels. the colour accentuates his barf-green skin in a way that is almost appealing. the sight of it is quite arousing. how do you respond?


i bat my eyelashes. senpai… i whisper. i cannot control my wetness anymore. my giant eye produces a tear and sloth can see.


sloth lets out a loud gasp. he quickly rushes to your side and holds your hand, mumbling sweet words of comfort and affection into your ear. suddenly, he wraps his arms around you, and whispers, “don’t worry…… senpai is here for you”

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new aesthetic: cryptidcore

  • kitschy t shirts and keychains from souvenir shops depicting the local urban legends and monsters
  • glow in the dark stuff and generic alien themed stuff
  • tin foil hats
  • muffled x files, gravity falls, and twilight zone theme songs playing in the distance
  • staring into the night sky and wondering if we’re alone
  • lots of pictures of the woods and abandoned houses

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remember when fckh8 got the addresses of a bunch of russian families with kids and wanted to be progressive and send them all coloring books featuring a lesbian couple, a plan which could endanger the lives of the people who unwillingly received the book and literally get thousands of people arrested. and fckh8 didn’t think about that possibility like at all

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