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what if the brony movement happened to neopets instead of mlp. would they call themselves neobros?? would there be socially awkward neopets conventions where people listen to fanmade neopet music about plot characters like hannah?? and more importantly would the quality of neopets memes decrease or increase?? the world will never know

i don’t know if psychotherapy could save me

At the very least we’d have more porn….

if it’s not gorix/parlax i don’t care

lord darigan rule 34 plz

Heeeh~ GorixXParlax I’d pay real cash to see, mainly if well made…

im sensing a neopets-based crowd sourcing kickstarter in the making here

i’d do it i’d fuckign do this if i had some real spare time

i’d do it even for fetishes i hate

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it warms my icy heart to know that gorix/parlax shippers are REAL

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